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Killer Secrets of Product Testing Jobs

Posted on September 1 2017 by in shape future products, fantastic freebies, product trials

Have you heard of product testing? A great way to get your hands on some fantastic freebies, becoming a product tester is all about giving manufacturers what they crave – your thoughts and opinions! In return they will give you complementary samples to try, normally requesting that you complete a questionnaire, fill in a survey form or post your opinions online in return.

Not only is product testing enormous fun and a chance to shape future products to more closely match your needs, it’s also a fantastic way of enjoying premium branded goods for free. Read on to discover how to maximise your chances of becoming one of the many product testers who take part in this exciting pastime.

Join product testing sites

There are a number of sites online, normally affiliated with large product manufacturers, which offer the opportunity to take part in product testing.

The size of the test and the amount of work required in order to test the product varies considerably between campaigns, so make sure you read the requirements carefully before signing up.

Frequently you’re required to complete a short screening questionnaire for each campaign to ensure you qualify.

Product testing sites offer a wide range of samples, including sweets, cleaning products, air fresheners and even small white goods, so you can look forward to plenty of variety!

Be positive!

Although there are some product trials from which you’re likely to be excluded on the basis that you don’t fit a particular characteristic required for a product test (for example age or postal code), a key determinant of being accepted is enthusiasm.

Appearing keen is crucial, as manufacturers don’t want to send out products if you’re not going to give them the feedback they need.

Make sure you indicate that these are products that you’d actually consider buying and are positive about in order to improve your chances of being involved in product testing.

Keep your end of the bargain

Frequently product testing sites run numerous campaigns and score participants on the level of their feedback each time.

If you’re a product tester that submits several reviews, invites friends or colleague to try the product or comes up with innovative suggestions for improvement, you’re likely to be scored highly by the manufacturers and be more likely to receive product testing offers in the future.

Make sure you do all that’s asked of you when you receive a product to maximise your chances of receiving further goods to rate.

Product testing not only can land you some amazing free products, it’s also a way of influencing the goods available to you in the supermarket by telling manufacturers what you like and what you don’t.

Successful product testers can end up testing some impressively high value goods, so it’s a hobby which can be lucrative as well as enormous fun. Sign up to a product testing site today and discover a tempting world of opportunities to enjoy high calibre branded products for free!


What Everyone Should Know About How to Get Free Samples

Posted on August 4 2017 by in Being a product tester, product testing, try the latest, become a product tester, new product

So your sister gets free make-up samples delivered to her door? And your neighbor gets his favorite snack foods before anyone else? How are these people getting to try such exciting things before anyone else? The friends who are making you jealous with all their great treats are actually product testing.

Being a product tester means that you get to engage in product testing to try the latest and greatest from companies testing out new ideas for their target market. What your sister and your neighbor have done, is to get themselves in as product testers. This means that they get the first shot at testing out all the latest products from their favourite companies. The good news is that you can do this too!

How to Test Products

That's right - all you have to do to become a product tester is to sign up. On any given day, there are a plethora of new products being released out into the world. For themarket this means that there are a multitude of product testing positions available. Being a product tester means that you get to receive - for free - the latest options from a given brand's up-and-coming products.

You use the product, eat the product, wear the product as befits the item itself. Then you tell the manufacturer what you think about that product. Let them know if the chips need more salt, or the lipstick doesn't last long enough, or that the detergent works perfectly and does not make your skin itchy at all. Manufacturers what to know what you think about their products - the good and the bad - and they want you to tell them how to improve. Then, when they get it right, manufacturers want you to tell all your friends how great their new product is!

What Can You Test

The products that you can test for companies truly are endless. And the fact that you can test them all for free -and get to keep the products afterwards! - means there is literally nothing to lose by becoming a free product tester. So do yourself a favor, sign up to become a product tester in the UK today, and start receiving great products for free!


Know The Secrets of a Product Tester

Posted on July 5 2017 by in Product Tester, product testing, product tester jobs

Product testing is highly popular with beauty products, like hair clippers for men, gadgets, household products, food items and sometimes even luxury items and expensive products.


Getting freebies and getting paid for receiving those sounds too good to be true, right? But, it is a reality and there are so many users who are making money by providing genuine reviews to these products by acting as a product tester.

Why is that even happening?

Well, there are a lot of companies that follow this method to get an honest review on their products before the products hit the markets and it becomes too late to act. Companies resort to this method to attain a reasonable understanding whether the product is up to mark and what the customer’s reaction to it is.

How to be a product tester?

There are online survey sites which are highly popular and provide genuine opportunities for product testers uk. The process works in a very simple format

The product testing website calls for an easy sign up from the testers.

The testers are then sent an email which asks detailed questions about them just to ensure that they are qualified enough for the job.

After the screening test is passed, the said product is mailed to tester’s address, which they are asked to review. They are also asked relevant specific questions about the product from which the company will benefit a great deal.

Once the process is done, the tester gets paid according to the agreed rate.

The testers get to keep the product after the testing is done which is a great opportunity. Along with that, the testers also establish a reputation with the websites and are likely to get more such opportunities.

There is a panel that works as a tester and the whole survey goes together to make an effective outcome.

The testing process may sound interesting and easy but is a job that requires knowledge and honesty.

You must abide by the instructions on how to use the product, use it for the desired days as mentioned and then put out an honest reply. This will help the companies to make an informed choice about the product reviewed and will also ensure that everything is in place before the actual selling or marketing starts. If the review is honest, then one even gets an opportunity to be on the permanent panel of the reviewers for the company, which would be a highly esteem position and a great opportunity.



Learn the Secrets of Free Product Testers

Posted on July 4 2017 by Ruth in test their newest products, become a product tester, free of charge, product testers can test

Did you know that there are opportunities for product testing that will get you great products for free? That's right - once you look into product testing you will be shocked at all the great things you can test absolutely free. If you want to become a product tester, read on to find out all about product testers UK!

Art of Product Testing

Anyone can be a product tester. There is no age requirement, gender requirement, education requirement. All you have to do is the proper research to determine which companies are offering products you love or are interested in, and then become one of their selected product testers!

Companies are always trying to find real-life customers to test their newest products or lines They want to know how real people feel about the products that are being put out for sale, and they want those people to give them honest, unfiltered feedback so that these new products can be improved upon when necessary.

This is why products are provided, free of charge, to interested individuals. The fact that you get to keep the product once you have finished testing it, is the way for each company to say thank you for your assistance in their product improvement process.

Products to Test

The vast array of products that product testers can test out are truly limitless. From cleaning products to new snack foods, marking pens to laundry detergents, you can test out any and all products. Do some research on your favorite brand - or favorite material goods - and see what you can find out about product testing offerings. You are sure to find a wide selection of opportunities once you know where to look. Plus, once you become a product tester, you may never need to buy hand cream or perfume or ankle socks ever again! So check out the opportunities for product testing today, and see what you can test out!